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6 at home parent-child play sessions ($97 value) + 7 walk-through podcast for parents (#97 value) + parents private community ($47 value) + BONUSES!
The Most Frightening Sentence that You may say to yourself as a parent is
my child is being bullied...
...and I didn't do anything i can to prevent it
And the worst thing about it? You didn't see it coming. You didn't hear it from your child directly. And you have no Idea when, how, why and by whom your child is suffering.

You felt something was off, that your child lacks confidence. But shook it off because you love your child and you are busy providing for your family.

You sought the new books, the strategies to raise your child to be confident. Maybe you've sent your child to a therapist or a professional to do something about it.

But no matter what you tried, you keep seeing your precious child has no confidence. And would likely fall victim to bullying, so early in life.

You don't know what might be the consequences of growing with no confidence.
So Let Me Tell You What They Are...
If your child experience lack of confidence with his/her peer group, things go south very quickly...
Because all those negative experiences, your child will search comforting experiences, like playing alone or ignoring others. Self-esteem drops with it. And you watch as your child go into the loop of suffering. That holds anxiety, social rejection and even depression.

I believe you worked hard to get to where you are in life, that takes time and resources. You want to change things so your child won't experience those terrible things. But you don't know how, and you wish you had more time to know everything there is to know to raise your child to be confident.

I was bullied a lot as a kid. I couldn't do a thing. I was the smallest kid in preschool, and then in elementary school, and to be honest.. I'm not that big to this day!
But Luckily For Me, I Had The Chance To Change It ALL
I have discovered the secrets to build confidence, and have worked with hundreds of children over the last decade.

I learned the solution. It changed everything to me. All the pain and suffering from years of bullying and lack of confidence have led me to learn what it takes to raise confident young children, and now...

I am on a mission to help parents do that just like me!
How I Became Confident
Even though I was bullied and anxious as a kid
My father wanted to do something about it. He thought maybe through Martial arts I'll learn to take care of myself. He sent me to a Judo class when I was six, so I'll learn how to be confident. I became good at Judo, I knew how to throw a kid above my shoulder, but still got bullied and had zero confidence. My father was displeased and so was I.

The years went by, and I began to watch Kung Fu movies. I was so impressed by those actors that could beat up all the thugs without getting hurt, and wanted to do that as well.

So I went and learned Kung Fu. I became great at Kung Fu, I could do all the kicks and felt somewhat confident for a short time, but still, I was suffering. And then something changed it all. I've went on and did something completely different.

I Joined a Krav Maga class. Which is a self-defense system that teaches kids how to fight off bullies, but most important, It teaches a very important secret that makes all the difference.

That was when I had my major breakthrough. And knew exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.
My name is Tamir Nahor
I am a Krav Maga instructor in Tel Aviv. I study psychology and strive to become child psychologist and combine the secrets I've learned so children will grow to be resilient, confident and bully proof.

I had the privilege to instruct over 700 children and see major transformations. I have my own Krav Maga club in Tel Aviv where hundreds of children and adults learn the secrets to confidence and personal power.

I had the privilege to learn from the best in the field. I got obsessed with what is takes to change things around for kids who are just like I was. To draw out their potential for growth. So that they become the greatest version of themselves.

Imagine What Your Child's Life Would Be Like If He/She Too Could Have That Confidence Now?
Think of all the possibilities that being confident will give your child!

How will your child smile now?

How would your child look at you?

What potential will be tapped now that your child is filled with confidence?

And what would you feel, knowing your child has the tools to be able to take care of him/herself when situation arises?

How amazing it would be to raise your child to be confident, resilient and happy without wasting days reading parenting books or wasting thousands of dollars for help from a professional?
You will send your child out to the world with the courage needed to strive and succeed as an adult!
It's time for you and your child to join...
This game program will bring out your child's confidence with YOUR guidance and support.
6-step program, 6 weeks, plenty of fun and massive transformation!
Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With
Resilience4Kids® - Quick & Easy Child Confidence Secrets for Parents
Resilience4Kids® Play video program ($97 Value)
This video play course makes it a snap to follow along with the weekly play-along videos you and your child need which lets you bring the best out of your child's confidence with you and send your child to the world knowing you did your best to prepare your child to handle life's challenges.
Resilience4Kids® parent only walk-through poadcast ($97 Value)
This step-by-step guides holds the keys for you to know how to handle your child before, during and after each play session so you can identify what is your child's struggle and how to deal with it and understand your child and raise him / her to be confident.
Resilience4Kids® parents online community ($47 Value)
This facebook priveate group is your solution to interact with parents who just like you are on their road to raise confident children so you can reach peak efficiency and maximize your child's confidence and surround yourself with like-minded parents that are on the same mission as you.
Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...
BONUS #1: Tamir's guide for keeping roughhousing safe ($37 Value)
This guide helps you to learn 24 simple secrets that are a MUST to keeping play at home safe which enables you to create ground rules for injury-free fun play and feel confident to let your child play with friends and family and actually to enjoy it.
BONUS #2: Technical Support Guides ($27 Value)
This technical guide is the shortcut to learn how to navigate the entire membership with just a single click, connect your TV to play at home and listen to the podcast on your car so you're able to easily find anything and everything you need and spend more time working on your child's confidence.
BONUS #3: Understanding Childhood Friendship ($17 Value)
This E-book is the secret for you to discover what children relationships are so you're able to guide your child to have meaningful friends and avoid bad influence from your child's peer group and know you're using every tool possible to give your child a joyful childhood.
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If You Are Not Satisfied With Resilience4Kids, Just Email Me and I'll Refund You The Whole Price!
Now it's time for you....
To Make YOUR Decision
If you want your child to experience the best of his/her childhood, you better provide the greatest support that your child can possibly have.

All you need is faith in your child's ability to grow, and in your ability to raise.

Remember, you are the best teacher your child will have.

-Tamir Nahor
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase Resilience4Kids TODAY!
  • Resilience4Kids® Play video program ($97 Value)
  • ​Resilience4Kids® parent only walk-through poadcast ($97 Value)
  • Resilience4Kids® parents online community ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Tamir's guide for keeping roughhousing safe ($37 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: Technical Support Guides ($27 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Understanding Children Friendship ($17 Value)
Total Value: $322
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $37
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